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books every dad should read

Popular Fatherhood Books

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Published 08.07.2019


25 Books to Give the World's Best Dad on Father's Day

The last thing I want to do is eat up that time recommending new books to read though there are many and they are wonderful. Some are about, or by, people you know i. Fiction builds empathy, something we can all do with more of, a phenomenon made clear not only by Wolitzer and Miller but in the heartbreaking memoir of widowhood by Jonathan Santlofer and the spare mournful verse of many of the poets anthologized in New Poets in Native Nation s. Hersh, who broke both My Lai and the Abu Ghraib torture story, is a masterful weaver of stories, not just breaker of them. A typewriter is like a computer, but analogue. And the time LBJ shat in front of a reporter friend of his to show what he thought of his stories. All of it is delightfully told and, in an era of fakenews, has the added benefit of being true.

The book was How to Father by Dr. Fitzhugh Dodson. Move over, Dr. At the time, I imagine there were only a handful of books to read on parenting, let alone books specific for parenting sons or for fathers parenting sons. This book might have been the book of the year for all fathers-to-be.

Fatherhood Becoming a father is arguably one of the most significant moments of any mans life and the responsibility of being a father is a.
blood of eden book 2

A summer reading list that can also make you a better person.

Posted by Why Read Aug 21, Uncategorized. Becoming a father is arguably one of the most significant moments of any mans life and the responsibility of being a father is a great one. Books which are essential reading before any other books are read on the subject. They have been compiled based on their credibility, reviews and sales figures over the years since their publication and we hope you find them beneficial. Atticus Finch, the father character in Harper Lees only novel, seems to embody all of the virtues.

But there is nothing quite like having the physical presence of a page-turner in your hands as you soak up a wealth of knowledge, or lose yourself in a gripping and exciting story. Like, seriously. Grab some literature. Pick up some nonfiction. Lose yourself in a novel. But, real men need to be reading and quite frankly, you need to know some current events, too. Do better.


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  1. A list of must read books for all Dads to have in their collection in order to become a better man and a better father.

  2. In pop culture, fathers are too frequently portrayed as the bumbling parent who ruins things that moms then have to come fix.

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