Aram saroyan complete minimal poems

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aram saroyan complete minimal poems

Complete Minimal Poems by Aram Saroyan

Poetry. Visual Poetry. Long-cherished in out-of-print editions, anthologies and text books, and more recently celebrated on the internet, Aram Saroyans groundbreaking concrete and minimalist poems of the 1960s are gathered together here in a single, much-needed volume. COMPLETE MINIMAL POEMS includes the entire contents of Aram Saroyan (Random House, 1968), Pages (Random House, 1969), The Rest (Telegraph, 1971), as well as Saroyans contribution, Electric Poems, to the anthology All Stars (Goliard-Grossman, 1972), and a sequence, Short Poems, which hasnt appeared previously. With ties to the work of such writers and artists as e.e. cummings, Andy Warhol, Gertrude Stein, Donald Judd, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Steve Reich, COMPLETE MINIMAL POEMS confirms Aram Saroyans place among the most daring and engaging figures in modern poetry.
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Aram Saroyan is a poet, novelist, memoirist, and playwright. The poem became the center of a heated debate over government funding for the arts. He lives in Los Angeles. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation.

Saroyan was the master of the one-word poem. But his works were as musical and meaningful as more conventional poetry, too, and a lot more amusing. The minimal poems were eye openers, ear openers and mind openers, and no one else was doing anything much like them at the time, and no one has since. Granted — as Saroyan has — he was smoking a lot of grass at the time. But every second person in the United States was, and is, on something or other often enough. Saroyan and his poetic cohort mostly lived in New York, and it was an exhilarating time for poetry — one of those extended moments, like the advent of Cubism in Paris or rockabilly in Memphis, where the artists who got it could do no wrong. Most of this material appeared in mimeographed pamphlets, but for a short time some of the wildest books were brought out by uptown commercial publishers too.

Complete Minimal Poems collects Aram Saroyan's groundbreaking Concrete and minimalist poems of the s in a single volume. First published in
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In a quick flip through this book, one might find such poems as:. And why write a not-quite-anagram poem like:. Complete Minimal Poems offers a compelling reminder to write poetry playfully, joyfully, and with abiding faith in the tools at your disposal. The unwritten is a dark space, where these spare poems speak louder. I write on a typewriter, almost never in hand I can hardly handwrite, I tend to draw words , and my machine — an obsolete red-top Royal Portable — is the biggest influence on my work.

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