Secrets of surf fishing at night

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secrets of surf fishing at night

Roger Martin William A. Mull Al Bentsen (Author of Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night Updated Edition)

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Helpful Tips on How to Surf Fishing At Night | Surf Fishing Guidelines

Fishing from the surf at night is often more productive than fishing during the daytime. Many predator fish found in the surf have nocturnal feeding habits. You should definitely scout the beach during the daylight hours at low tide to find a good spot to fish. At low tide you will be able to see where deeper holes and pockets are. If your lucky enough to find a rip or cut through a sandbar make that one of your first choices.

Almost the majority of fishers or anglers who go for surf fishing are comfortable fishing during the daytime. However, it is getting more and more common as the days come. There are reasons too. Night is when the nature is silent, you are calm and to be honest with you, you are free too. Life gets a toll on us at times and for a lot of people, night is the only calm atmosphere they have in a 24 hour period. The form of fishing that takes place on the shorelines beside any waterbody, such as sea, ocean, or lake, is known as surf-fishing. Both live baits and artificial lures can be used in surf fishing, and it mostly takes place in salt water.

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Although there is no replacement for the experience out in the surf at night , with some helpful tips your first time out in the dark can be an exciting and successful trip. When you go out in the dark to fish in the surf , it is important that you be cautious. As a part of the planning process, doing some scouting ahead of time, during the day is a great idea. Identifying the feeding patterns of stripers in relation to the wind, tide, and individual bait movement will be helpful. A first aid kit or at least a roll of medical tape should be brought along in case of an accident. Having a compass is also a great idea in order to get your barrings. After a night out in the surf, heading back in the dark can be a bit disorienting and you may find it difficult to know which way is which without one!

The great majority of salt-water anglers go out during the daytime and rarely venture forth at night. But today more and more anglers are discovering that plenty of fish and good sport can also be had at night. In fact, if you are interested in big fish which are found near shore, your chances are much better fishing at night than during the daytime. But night fishing in salt water offers many other advantages besides that of catching big fish. There are fewer anglers and less competition, so you have more elbow room. You don't have to worry about sunburn, and often during the summer the wind dies at sundown, so the water is usually calmer at night than during the middle of the day - an important point to consider if you are subject to seasickness. Also, during the summer months it is cooler at the seashore or on the water at night.

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