The house of eliott episode 3

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the house of eliott episode 3

The House of Eliott by Jean Marsh


This is a book that was based on a UK television program, which was televised during the early 1990s. I remember it being on, but do not really remember watching it very often.

The book was published in 2011, according to Amazon. It was a library lend and so of course as things must be, i had to take it back. However it was originally published in 1994 or 6 (sorry).

The book is based around the lives of two sisters, Evangeline and Beatrice Elliott and is set in London during the 1920s. Their father, who was a medical doctor and therefore should have been well-off, dies suddenly leaving them not only penniless, but also with lots of unanswered questions.

In 1920 England women were more or less still seen as the property of men, to kept and looked after and if you were the father of daughters the best you could hope for was marriage to someone who would give your daughters financial security and maybe love as well. However it is just after the first world war, where sadly many young men had lost their lives leaving many women without the possibility of marriage, let along a good match. Women of a certain class were not educated for work, in fact most of the time they were barely even educated. But life was changing.

Evangeline at the age of 30 was seen to be too old for marriage and she was supposed to accept what life had or had not given her, but Beatrice was 20 and there was still hope of a marriage for her. However while they waited for Mr... to sweep them off their feet they had to learn to fend for themselves and they did!

First using the material salvaged from their fathers clothes they began to design and sew clothes first for themselves and then for women of a certain class. This was seen as acceptable employment for a woman, but what the world didnt expect was how popular their fashion ideas would become and that out of humble beginning bloomed The House of Elliott.

You will meet a number of interesting characters throughout this book, such as Penny, who lost her finance in the war and now dresses like a man and does charitable deeds and is often seen driving a car!! What next? Also her brother, Jack and an architect by the name of Hugo. There are others!

I settled myself down for a nice period read and i wasnt disappointed - but, about page 220 out of 270 there was this quite unnecessary sex scene, which i glanced at and then passed over to be faced with another one a few pages on. This spoilt the end of the story for me somewhat as i was on my guard for any more. I know people had sex back then and out of marriage just has much as they do today, but it was almost like someone had said to Jean Marsh you really need to add this - she didnt, the book was perfect just as it was.

This book gets ***

NB I score books like this; 1 * - it was so bad i didnt get started, 2** it was so boring i didnt finish it, 3*** it was ok, i read it, i wouldnt necessarily expect others to read it, 4**** it was good, i wouldnt keep or probably read it again, but it was good, 5***** it was so amazing i want everyone in the world to read it.
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The House of Eliott (). Episode List Grace Keeble, a talented designer, approaches the house and, after starting off on the wrong foot, is taken on.
Jean Marsh

The House of Eliott

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Beatrice manages to calm her down and convince her to eat a slice of toast, and the relieved Evie does so with a smile. Bea sees her sister off to her first day of work like the partners they are soon to become, and Evie walks to Mrs.
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Sign in. Get a quick look at the the week's trailers, including Villains , Countdown , Like a Boss , and more. Watch now. Title: Episode 1. Evie finds herself a job as an apprentice seamstress when her aunt Lydia recommends her to her own dressmaker, Mrs. Evie enjoys her work, even if Mrs.

Back up to: The House of Eliott. Bea and Evie lose the venue for their collection. The day of Jack's by-election arrives. Evie is disturbed with Daniel's reluctance to introduce her to his family. Bea and Evie are forced to take matters into their own hands over Larry and Grace. The company's excitement at ready to wear is shattered when Joseph makes a discovery.

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  1. The House of Eliott () Season 1 | Episode 3 With their deteriorating financial situation, the Elliot sisters are forced to sell their home but their.

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