Allah is the only god

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allah is the only god

Quote by Anonymous: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the M...”

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Published 09.08.2019

A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

The most credible belief, when it comes to whether or not there is God, and if He is One or more, is that of monotheism. It does not sound sensible that this vast universe has no God simply because each creature must have a creator and each being must have a maker.

Allah is One and Only God

We invite you to visit our first completed phase at "Universe Declares: God Exists". Awe-Inspiring Universe mobile view is underway. Please visit this section using your desktop browser. Thank you for your patience. Infinite truth has infinite expressions. Though the sages speak in diverse ways, they express one and the same Truth. The Absolute Truth is One.

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The most fundamental teaching of Islam is to believe in the Oneness of God, in the sense of His being the only Creator, Preserver, Nourisher, etc. But this belief is not enough. Many of the idolaters knew and believed that only the Supreme God could do all this and yet they associated other gods with Him. Therefore, one must acknowledge the fact that it is God alone who deserves to be worshipped, and thus abstain from worshipping any other thing or being. Likewise, Muslims believe that God has no father or mother, no son or daughter. None is equal to Him.

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  1. The essence of godhood is authority, whether it is conceived as sovereignty of a supernatural kind over the whole universe, or on the basis that man is bound by God's law in his worldly life and that all of His injunctions are to be complied with because they emanate from Him.

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