The rock shut up bitch

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the rock shut up bitch

Sandy ?Coffee Addict Books?ís 'shut-up-bitch' books on Goodreads (21 books)

***3.5 stars***

Fallen is my least favorite in this series so far!

Thereís literally too much going on, a lot of OTT drama. Itís like all the characters have decided to frustrate the hell out of me-

Lacey: why isnít she telling Zeth who she really is?

Zeth- I know heís THE brooding alpha male, I wish he could use certain fancy vocabulary to say what he feels than ordering Sloane around and pissing her off all the time. (I still love him though!)

Sloane-I like she is all badass but in this installment she got on my nerves with her insecurities and nagging monologues.

I hated this constant push and pull thing going on between those two, if they are not having crazy sex they are at each otherís throat, I really hope they get their shit together in later books. If Iím not wrong author got the names and facts wrong in some places. However, the writing was still great, Callie Hart does know how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats with her unexpected twist and turns.

OK! Let me confess this-the hope of reading scorching sex scene every once in a while kept me going rather than finding out what happens next, which BTW didnít disappoint me at all! *blushes*
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The Rock - SHUT UP, BITCH!

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