Welcome to the big leagues

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welcome to the big leagues

Welcome to the Big Leagues: Nine Innings of Essential Tips for the Corporate Rookie by Carmine Del Sordi

With more than 17 years of demonstrated success working within Fortune 500 companies than span both coasts of the US, I know what it takes to play the game. More importantly, the school of hard knocks has helped me to discover the secrets of pursuing a rewarding and more fulfilling life. As a business leader, my goal is simple … to bring out the very best in my team. I wrote Welcome to the Big Leagues to help the Corporate Rookie of today to do just that. My focus was on building a guide to coach this young and ambitious group to thrive in both career and life.

This is not your typically business book, as the last thing I wanted to do was to publish another one of those dry and mundane manuscripts that Ive become all too accustomed to reading. Instead, I wanted to produce a page turner that packed a punch. The only way to do this was by telling it like it is; an honest account of the way things happened.

The business world can be an unforgiving place but it accepts all types. It is up to each individual to be the CEO of his or her own career. In order to do this, and be successful at it, you must have a plan, a strategy, and stick to it. If not, it is highly likely that your aspirations and dreams will be lost in the maze of corporate America.

Crafting the blueprint is the easy part of the battle, maintaining the discipline and focus to follow it on a daily basis is the trying part that will test you in ways beyond imagination. Welcome to the Big Leagues prepares readers for this journey. Baseball is used as the backdrop, as many of the stories around the game and its players are relevant to the business world. From the hacks to the incredibly talented and the humble to the arrogant, you will be forced to work with all types. In baseball, players need to be both mentally and physically tough. They face their fears each game day for the world to see and judge. Baseball is a competitive environment where only the best of the best make it. Players who struggle will work feverishly to avoid the slump. Even those players who fail and strike out 70% of the time are considered to be amongst best in the game.

Starting to see the similarities?

Chapter 7 of Welcome to the Big Leagues, The Stretch, was the portion of the book that I was most proud to write because it focuses on wellbeing. I tell compelling stories to signify the importance of the Physical, Occupational, Economic, Mental and Social aspects of wellbeing. It is only by pursuing each of these areas in moderation and with discipline that our lives will come together as harmoniously as the acronym: POEMS. This chapter will relate to any reader, as it touches on areas that impact any adult who’s trying to become successful in life.

When I think of Welcome to the Big Leagues as a whole, I am reminded of the piece on New Coke that Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book, Blink. He tells about how the new formula dominated in all taste tests against both traditional Coke and Pepsi. The results were just incredible! However, when New Coke launched, it failed miserably. The reason being was that it was too sweet and consumers could not endure an entire can. Drinkers were throwing it away at the midpoint. When I think of my book, I think the opposite is true. Theres not one Chapter thats the best ever written. However, when you endure the entire book, you leave with something extremely valuable.
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Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Definition of big leagues in the Idioms Dictionary. big leagues phrase. What does big leagues expression mean? Welcome to the big leagues, senator.
Carmine Del Sordi

ETP012: Welcome to the Big Leagues

Refers to major i. I know you're new here, but you need to perform much better than that. You're in the big leagues now. Welcome to the big leagues, senator. An area of tough competition and high rewards; the largest or foremost of its kind.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

My baseball career had ended and I was starting a new career in business and struggling with what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. That is when I met Dan Hettinger. He was starting a church in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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  1. For those of you who, like myself, have been dying for baseball season to start, The Show will carry you through until Opening Day and well into the dog days of summer.

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