Quidditch through the ages comic relief edition

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quidditch through the ages comic relief edition

Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp

The most checked-out book in the Hogwarts Library, and a volume no Quidditch player or Harry Potter fan should be without!

If you have ever asked yourself where the Golden Snitch came from, how the Bludgers came into existence, or why the Wigtown Wanderers have pictures of meat cleavers on their robes, you need QUIDDITCH THROUGH THE AGES. This invaluable volume is consulted by young Quidditch fans on an almost daily basis.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Comic Relief, who will use your money to continue improving and changing lives -- work that is even more important and astonishing than the three-and-a-half-second capture of the Golden Snitch by Roderick Plumpton in 1921.
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JK Rowling Kennilworthy Whisp Quidditch Through the Ages Audiobook

Quidditch Through the Ages (real)

Did you know that : there are ways of committing a foul in Quidditch? The game first began to evolve on Queerditch Marsh - What Bumphing is? That Puddlemere United is oldest team in the Britain and Ireland league founded All this information and much more could be yours once you have read this book: this is all you could ever need to know about the history, the rules - and the breaking of the rules - of the noble wizarding sport of Quidditch. JK Rowling takes her enviable ability to turn paper into gold to the next level by cleverly teaming up with Comic Relief to bring Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them a set text during Harry's first year at Hogwarts and Quidditch Through the Ages Harry's favourite book , to the masses--and all the money goes to charity.

View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , Newt Scamander's classic compendium of magical creatures, has delighted generations of wizarding readers. Now, in this updated edition with a new foreword by Newt himself and the unveiling of six beasts little known outside the American wizarding community, Muggles too have the chance to discover where the Thunderbird lives, what the Puffskein eats, and why shiny objects should always be kept away from the Niffler.


French & Saunders - Harry Potter Spoof part 1

Quidditch Through the Ages is a book written by British author J. It purports to be the Hogwarts library's copy of the non-fiction book of the same name mentioned in several novels of the Harry Potter series. The book benefits the charity Comic Relief. The book was recorded as an unabridged audiobook in and read by Andrew Lincoln. The Audible version of the audiobook also includes over an hour-and-a-half of bonus content.

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