Is the history channel show vikings based on fact

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is the history channel show vikings based on fact

Ancient & Medieval Historical Fiction - Media Watch: Vikings TV Series Showing 1-50 of 127

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101 Facts About The Vikings

Actually, you would have to be really naive to do so. He is recorded as being the first Norse leader to settle in Frankia, and he continued to reign over Normandy until at least CE. His descendants became known as the Normans, lending their name to the region of Normandy in France.

How much of 'Vikings' is true?

Everybody is talking about season 2 of Vikings which premiered on History Channel just a few weeks ago. The show is well cast and the acting is well done which has given the series much praise. There has also been a lot of gruff given to the series by historians who have issue with some of the accuracies or inaccuracies that the television show presents. As with any historical adaptation there is likely to be flaws mixed in with the facts. Regardless of where Vikings may go astray, the general feel and mood representing Dark Ages Scandinavia seems to ring true more or less! Grab your drinking horn, fill it with ale then sit down and listen to some epic folk metal as you read this article.

The producers and writers do a magnificent job painting the life and man that is Ragnar Lothbrok. Fact or fiction? Ragnar Lothbrok was a real man. As the show portrays, Ragnar played by Travis Fimmel was a legendary Viking. He was a ruler, a hero and a king.

Or, to be more precise, what current historians believe happened based on the fragmentary evidence of the time. You might want to sit down for this one. There has to have been a better way to put that. Sometimes the show takes glaring liberties with historical fact for the sake of narrative convenience. But in the real world, it was a lot different. For starters, Alfred had four brothers.

For a long time, when people thought of the History Channel , they thought about endless memes involving ancient aliens and certain experts with unique ways of expressing himself.
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Vikings present is a historical fiction TV series created and written by English screenwriter Michael Hirst for the History Channel. Filmed in Ireland , the show draws on Scandinavian and European history and lore as it follows the life of legendary Viking chief Ragnar Lothbrok , his descendants, and the kings and cultures the Vikings influenced in the 8th and 9th centuries CE. Since its premiere, questions have consistently been posed by viewers as to the historical accuracy of the show and, while there are many, some of the major differences between history and the series will be addressed below. Warning: Spoiler Alert - if you have not seen the show yet, you may not want to read further. Although many of the characters in Vikings are based on historical figures, and a number of events actually happened, there are significant departures throughout. In order to create a seamless narrative and engaging story arc, historical events are often telescoped, combined, compressed, or otherwise altered. A notable example of this is how, in Season , Ragnar attacks the Lindisfarne Abbey in Northumbria carrying off the fictional Athelstan character and in Season Rollo is offered land and the princess Gisla in marriage to defend West Francia from any future Viking raids.

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