Signs that a black man is on the down low

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signs that a black man is on the down low

On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of Straight Black Men Who Sleep with Men by J.L. King

A bold expose of the controversial secret that has potentially dire consequences in many African American communities
Delivering the first frank and thorough investigation of life on the down low (the DL), J. L. King exposes a closeted culture of sex between black men who lead straight lives. King explores his own past as a DL man, and the path that led him to let go of the lies and bring forth a message that can promote emotional healing and open discussions about relationships, sex, sexuality, and health in the black community.
Providing a long-overdue wake-up call, J. L. King bravely puts the spotlight on a topic that has until now remained dangerously taboo. Drawn from hundreds of interviews, statistics, and the authors firsthand knowledge of DL behavior, On the Down Low reveals the warning signs African American women need to know. King also discusses the potential health consequences of having unprotected sex, as African American women represent an alarming 64 percent of new HIV infections. Volatile yet vital, On the Down Low is sure to be one of the most talked-about books of the year.
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Sex, lies and the "down low"

In this special section, we have compiled a diverse array of empirical and theoretical perspectives on Black and Latino male bisexualities. A wide range of information on the individual, social, and sexual lives of these men, and potential relations to risk behavior, are presented. This article introduces this new body of work and offers suggestions for future research directions for culturally appropriate interventions for Black and Latino bisexual men. Men with wives and girlfriends secretly having sex with other men. Even nearly 10 years earlier, author E. Few could have anticipated, however, the impact a single episode of Oprah could have on sexual culture in the United States and beyond. Such a sensational and well-researched story, endorsed by a popular culture deity like Winfrey indeed, a link to purchase the book may still be found on her website , was bound to sell.

The link is tenuous at best, as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researcher Greg Millet explains at a White House briefing you can watch here. But Emory University HIV doc David Malebranche, who has also researched and written about so-called down low men, took deeper exception to the episode. He called it one more example of Oprah taking black male sexuality entirely out of context in order to sensationalize and pathologize it. To the contrary, the acidic taste of bile that coated the back of my throat as I heard her story was in response to the superficial and sensationalistic manner in which you handled the topic, and how it was apparent that you and your staff have learned absolutely nothing in the 6 years since you originally interviewed J. And yes, this new version of J. From the ominous background music and blurred images on the screen when discussing Black men being intimate with one another God forbid! Your show also helped J.

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He'd been invited to sign copies of his controversial new book, "On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of 'Straight' Black Men who Sleep with Men," and to participate in a panel about fidelity in black relationships. The fair was a success -- King's book sold well, and the panel went smoothly -- until Saturday evening, when he attracted some unwanted attention. He's the one who wrote the book! Yo, why are you doing this to us? My wife is asking me if I'm doing that D. Confrontations like this aren't new to King, and he knew what to do: keep walking; don't look nervous.

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  1. How do I know if my man is on the Down Low? community is forced to talk about it now, because of the dramatic effects on the lives of black men and women.

  2. When Madame Noire , a website that describes itself as the "Black women's lifestyle guide," publishes an article called "Signs A Man Might Be On The Down Low " its intent is clearly not to help women to spot a cheating man.

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