Name 2 people who attended the first thanksgiving

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name 2 people who attended the first thanksgiving

The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern

A beautifully illustrated and age appropriate retelling of the famous Thanksgiving story.

Ages 5-11

This book isnt just about the three day long First Thanksgiving celebration, though that is chronicled nicely; It is also about the struggles the pilgrims encountered along their journey to the new world. In an age appropriate manner, this tale briefly shares with children the hardships experienced by these first settlers and the triumph of their success. The story isnt told in a very suspenseful or riveting manner, however, it is accurate and does contain a few interesting details. The inclusion of real life comparisons of the size of the Mayflower and what life was like for the children made the book more relevant to young kids.

The full color illustrations are what make this Thanksgiving book stand out. This was an older book that was re-released with updated illustrations by Elroy Freem. Also the way the story is told from a childs perspective gave the details more meaning. Overall, a good introduction to the Thanksgiving story.
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History: The Pilgrims Journey Documentary

Thanksgiving (United States)

In September of , pilgrims embarked from England aboard the Mayflower see Aboard the Mayflower, Their intent was to establish a settlement in the Hudson River area in the northern reaches of the recently established Virginia Colony. However, after a sixty-six-day journey they made landfall some miles north of their target whether by design or mishap is unclear at the eastern tip of Cape Cod in present-day Massachusetts. They explored the area for about a month and then sailed further west to the mainland at present-day Plymouth. It was here that they decided to establish a new homeland. The First Thanksgiving Jean Louis Gerome Ferris For the first few months the majority of the expedition remained cloistered aboard ship where many succumbed to mal-nutrition and disease. It is estimated that half of their number died by the following Spring.

The major similarity between the first Jamestown settlers and the first Plymouth settlers was great human suffering. November was too late to plant crops. Many settlers died of scurvy and malnutrition during that horrible first winter. Of the original Mayflower passengers, only 44 survived. Again like in Jamestown, the kindness of the local Native Americans saved them from a frosty death. The Pilgrims' remarkable courage was displayed the following spring. When the Mayflower returned to Europe, not a single Pilgrim deserted Plymouth.

On the way, its passengers witnessed an astonishing scene. During a fierce storm, an indentured servant named John Howland had come topside for fresh air when the ship rolled violently, casting him into the raging sea. He sank well beneath the waves. Such a fate almost certainly meant death by drowning. Yet, somehow, Howland had managed to grab a halyard on his way overboard, and desperately clung to it long enough for the crew to haul him back to safety. Howland not only made it to America and worked off his indenture, but married a pretty young woman in the new colony named Elizabeth Tilley.

William Bradford and the First Thanksgiving. By autumn of , the Pilgrims had much for which to be thankful. After the harvest, Massasoit and about ninety.
richard bolitho midshipman alexander kent

Native Americans and early settlers gave thanks together with this historic feast.

The first Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration held by the pilgrims of Plymouth colony in the 17th century. Many myths surround the first Thanksgiving. Very little is actually known about the event because only two firsthand accounts of the feast were ever written. What is known is that the pilgrims held the first Thanksgiving feast to celebrate the successful fall harvest. Celebrating a fall harvest was an English tradition at the time and the pilgrims had much to celebrate.

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