Planet of the apes story summary

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planet of the apes story summary

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey

Tyrannical Nurse Ratched rules her ward in an Oregon State mental hospital with a strict and unbending routine, unopposed by her patients, who remain cowed by mind-numbing medication and the threat of electric shock therapy. But her regime is disrupted by the arrival of McMurphy – the swaggering, fun-loving trickster with a devilish grin who resolves to oppose her rules on behalf of his fellow inmates. His struggle is seen through the eyes of Chief Bromden, a seemingly mute half-Indian patient who understands McMurphys heroic attempt to do battle with the powers that keep them imprisoned. Ken Keseys extraordinary first novel is an exuberant, ribald and devastatingly honest portrayal of the boundaries between sanity and madness.
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Caesar's Story - Planet of the Apes Trilogy

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Refresher: Recap of the Previous Two Films

The story is very simple: apes surpass humans in intelligence and create a world where humans are their servants. The original novel follows a French journalist on a trip to a planet where it turns out that apathy and complacency allowed humans to be overthrown by more industrious apes. As such, the apes now hunt humans for sport and use them for menial tasks. It was Serling who changed the ending to show that the planet of the apes that astronaut George Taylor Charlton Heston discovered is actually Earth, but in the distant future. In the novel, the human explorers actually do arrive at a different planet. That scene, with Heston on the beach, discovering the destroyed Statue of Liberty, is one of the most iconic in film history. In order to cut down on production costs, the apes were also made more primitive than in the novel, allowing production to cut down on special effects costs.

The movie then cuts to three years later. Caesar winds up injuring a neighbor while trying to protect Charles, and this results in him being taken away and placed in a shelter. Meanwhile, Will convinces his boss to approve a much more powerful version of the drug after Will explains that it can boost intelligence, but Charles refuses to take any more, and he dies. Later, Franklin dies. Caesar begins to form relationships with the apes in the shelter and asserts his dominance. Caesar is also angry with Will for abandoning him. This gives the apes at the shelter intelligence.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters this Friday with a moving tale of genetically-altered apes who achieve human-level intelligence. But how does this film fit into the complicated time-travel tangles of the year-old franchise? Let's investigate. But the story really took off in with the release of American scifi action flick Planet of the Apes , starring Charlton Heston as an astronaut who overstays his time in hypersleep by a couple of millennia. When he crash-lands on a planet, he thinks he's found an alien world ruled by apes, but eventually realizes he's in Earth's distant future, where apes rule the planet.

The Next Chapter in Story Development

Mulder, I think the only thing more fortuitous than the emergence of life on this planet is, that through purely random laws of biological evolution, an intelligence as complex as ours ever emanated from it. The very idea of intelligent alien life is not only astronomically improbable, but at its most basic level, downright anti-Darwinian. Isn't that what Dr. Zaius said to Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes? Schaffner, is a significant work of science fiction in that, not only does it offer "fantastic story" but it "plays with the idea of time warps as a chance for allegory.

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  1. Taylor is shot in the throat and captured alongside the primitive humans, taken to Ape City where his life is saved after a blood transfusion.

  2. Will attempts to reclaim Caesar, but the chimp refuses to go home with him so he could look after the other apes. Instead, he escapes from.

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