What is a hot commodity

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what is a hot commodity

Hot Commodity by Linda Kage


Thinking to assure a business merger with the wealthy, successful Cameron Banks, Olivia Donovan’s mother drags her to Las Vegas for a business convention, demanding she meet Banks and seduce him into wanting to marry her. But Olivia’s finished being Little Miss Yes-mother-whatever-you-say-mother. So, she sneaks away, intending to rebel and marry the very antithesis of Cameron Banks.

Who she finds is a drunk hottie that takes her to new heights of pleasure and shows her a side of herself she never knew existed before.

But after her amazing night in her new husband’s arms, she awakens the next morning only to discover she married and slept with the very Cameron Banks she’d been trying to avoid.

Is Cam the devil she feared, or will he end up being her one true hero?

(2nd Edition)

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Hot Commodity

HARDI Releases 'Hot Commodity' Documentary Movie Trailer

One of the biggest online search functions today is the free people search. As humans, we are naturally nosy and curious and since so much of our lives is now conducted online, this is where we go to find things out about people. However, because of data protection, this has become a little bit more restricted nowadays, and perhaps quite rightly so. Although privacy seems to have disappeared, people do still want to have some level of control over what strangers can and cannot find out about them. There are numerous types of people searches available nowadays.

They can't scream that their product is new and improved -- because it isn't. They can't say it'll be better than the other guy's -- it won't be. They can't even talk about its distinguishing features. Because there aren't any. Inside, you'll find hundreds of the generic items companies use as premiums to lure new customers or reward employees. There is page after page of lucite-wrapped digital clocks, posh-looking pen-and-pencil sets by makers you've never heard of, and umbrellas in assorted "fashion" colors.

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Mr Market is feeling a touch better about life right now. The US market has bounced this week. The Fed chairman gets the credit for recent comments. A strong dollar suppresses the appeal of opportunities around commodities and emerging markets, for example. That could be very good news for Aussie speculators….

Andrej Karpathy is holding a classroom full of Stanford grad students and undergrads rapt with his description of the pros and cons of different kinds of algorithms used in training a neural network to recognize objects in an image. Siri, probably activated accidentally, draws big laughs. Competition is so stiff that smaller companies are starting to broaden recruiting beyond computer science majors to fields like cosmology and physics. At AI startup Maluuba, CEO Sam Pasupalak has research recruitment specialists poring over the academic papers published every day, looking for authors who might make good staffers, and going to conferences to buttonhole leading researchers after their talks. Fortune companies are also assessing how AI will affect their businesses. No one better personifies the war for AI talent than Karpathy himself.

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  1. Hot commodity definition is - someone or something that is highly valued or in much demand. How to use hot commodity in a sentence.

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