What is a rough cut diamond

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what is a rough cut diamond

Rough Cut: Diamonds to Die For by Peter Gray

Pink diamonds, the rarest, most expensive on earth, bring out the worst in people. Desire always… Corruption inevitably… Murder as a matter of course…

Charlie Robertson went from penniless Cockney kid dodging the Nazi bombing raids, to successful businessman lying in a coma in St Thomas’s hospital in London, all because of pink diamonds.

They drew him into a world of corrupt Government officials, sleazy international bankers, a global diamond monopoly, South African killers, and a ruthless ex-Stasi Colonel which nearly killed him.

They also made him half a billion pounds.

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The Art Of Diamond Cutting

You can save a lot by purchasing a rough or uncut diamond, but are they worth it? If you like this artsy look, learn how to pick out an uncut diamond.
Peter Gray

Rough Cut Diamond

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First off, raw and rough-cut diamonds are essentially the same in that they are uncut stones that have not been shaped or polished in any way. As these stones are in their most natural form, they are cloudy in appearance or, in other words, have inclusions which give each stone a lot more personality than a traditionally cut and polished white diamond. The ultimate effect for low-key brides craving a one-of-a-kind diamond. Since raw and rough-cut diamonds are inherently unique, their one-off shapes make setting them a major task for jewelry designers. Whether you go for a sleek solitaire or vintage-style cluster, this means your ring requires a lot of technique to make it extraordinary. While a lot of work goes into setting a raw or rough-cut diamond, they tend to cost much less than their polished and cut counterparts since those steps are not part of the equation. Scroll through for one-of-a-kind inspiration.

Diamonds don't come out of the ground sparkling! Learn everything that you need to know about diamonds before they are cut by diamond.
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Rough Diamonds



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  1. Rough Diamonds refer to diamonds which are still in their natural state after being removed from the belly of the earth.

  2. Most people look for cut and polished diamonds when shopping for jewelry, but what about uncut stones?

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