What is the definition of reciprocate

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what is the definition of reciprocate

Quote by Will Barnes: “Through the reciprocation of energy, always, an...”

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Published 17.09.2019

Rationale - Reciprocate

What does reciprocate in kind mean

And world powers said they were ready to reciprocate , if Iran gave significant assurances. The Israelis reciprocate with unique intelligence assistance. They treat the Yemenis with contempt, and the Yemenis reciprocate. When we meet in debates, Karl is cordial—even genial—and I do my best to reciprocate. You have had warmer feelings for Meg than she could reciprocate. A girl of my own age, of fine character and noticeable refinement, fell in love with me and caused me to reciprocate.

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Embassy in Caracas personae non grata. If, at the end of June, there is not a deal, and talks have broken off, I think that it is inevitable that the Congress will adopt new sanctions legislation, what that will mean is the Iranians will reciprocate. Prime Minister Tony Abbott :. I would say to the Indonesian people and the Indonesian Government: We in Australia are always there to help you, and we hope that you might reciprocate , i don't want to prejudice the best possible relations with a very important friend and neighbor. But I've got to say that we can't just ignore this kind of thing. Life is a gift from God.

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