What was missouri during the civil war

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what was missouri during the civil war

The Civil War in Missouri (43 books)

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MOOC - Maryland, Missouri, West Virginia - The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1865 - 2.2.3

During the American Civil War, the secession of Missouri was controversial because of the disputed status of the state of Missouri. During the war, Missouri was.
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During the American Civil War , Missouri was a hotly contested border state populated by both Union and Confederate sympathizers. It sent armies, generals, and supplies to both sides, was represented with a star on both flags, maintained dual governments, and endured a bloody neighbor-against-neighbor intrastate war within the larger national war. A slave state since statehood in , Missouri's geographic position in the center of the country and at the rural edge of the American frontier ensured that it remained a divisive battleground for competing Northern and Southern ideologies in the years preceding the war. When the war began in , it became clear that control of the Mississippi River and the burgeoning economic hub of St. Louis would make Missouri a strategic territory in the Trans-Mississippi Theater.

It was shattered. Rifts ran through every level of society all over the state through counties, towns, church congregations, families, right down into individual souls. Missouri had rich slave owners who wanted to stay in the Union and poor farmers who never saw a slave but fought for the South. Even Julia Grant, wife of the Union general who would win the war, came from a wealthy slave-owning family with a plantation outside St. Starting this month, the national focus will be on Civil War anniversaries in the East, where the best-known battles occurred. But fighting started on the Missouri-Kansas border in , nearly five years before Ft. Sumter, S.

Adapted from Prologue to The Civil War's First Blood: Missouri, by its citizens wrestled with the issue politically during the Missouri Compromise.
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The Battle of Springfield, Mo. - Civil War

Although the battle resulted in a Confederate victory and the capture of significant war material, it had little long-term benefit as Price was ultimately defeated at Westport a week later, bringing his campaign in Missouri to an end. Louis, and headed towards Jefferson City , the state capital. The size of the Confederate forces engaged against them was reported as being between 1, and 1, troops including infantry, cavalry, and artillery. When the Confederates reached Glasgow, they laid siege to the town. Four pieces of Rebel artillery commenced shelling the city at 5 AM on October 15, , and continued firing until 1 PM.

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The Featured Document Blog places the past in your grasp by introducing a compelling item from our digital collection. As Southern states seceded from the Union in the months leading up to the Civil War, Missouri struggled with the decision of whether to rebel and join the new Confederacy. On January 21, , the state called a convention to consider the "relations between the Government of the United States Despite strong Unionist sentiment, this set of resolutions from February or March of reveal that Missouri was a true border state: one that wanted to preserve slavery and yet ultimately rejected calls to abandon the Union. This set of resolutions encapsulated the arguments in favor of Missouri remaining in the Union, even as it maintained a strong proslavery position.

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  1. During the Civil War, the state of Missouri witnessed the most widespread, prolonged, and destructive guerrilla fighting in American history.

  2. During the American Civil War, Missouri was a hotly contested border state populated by both Union and Confederate sympathizers. It sent armies, generals, .

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