What dog best matches my personality

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what dog best matches my personality

Why We Love the Dogs We Do: How to Find the Dog That Matches Your Personality by Stanley Coren

A Dogs Best Friend
In Why We Love the Dogs We Do, Stanley Coren provides a foolproof guide to understanding which dog will make the best lifetime companion. He brings together his expertise in the fields of human psychology and animal behavior to provide a completely new approach to the dog/human relationship.
Working with a team of animal experts, Coren has identified seven groups of dogs based on characteristics such as friendliness, protectiveness, independence, and steadiness. Each group contains dogs from different breeds that share similar personality traits -- a unique departure from the familiar American Kennel Club breed groups. Perhaps even more fascinating are the results of Dr. Corens extensive work matching human personality types with canine characteristics. Using his personality tests, anyone can determine which dog is the right match and which dog is almost certain to cause heartbreak.
Rich in anecdotes and grounded in scientific study, Why We Love the Dogs We Do offers us the tools we need to find happiness in what can be among the most satisfying relationships of a lifetime.
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How to Choose the Best Dog for YOU!

Or you know, you can take a quiz to find out which type of dog matches your personality best. That is where we come in. If you were a dog, what kind would you.
Stanley Coren

What Dog Breed Fits My Personality?

See files for Dogs. Getting a dog isn't something to rush into, it's not as simple as "what movie should I see next week? Second, a dog is in no way a carer of the house, they are a unique part of the household that if you care for them and value them over time will become a valued member of the family. If you are thinking about getting a dog, it would be a good idea to answer these questions in order to make the right decision: why do I want a dog? Am I willing to give up my time and freedom for a puppy? And most importantly, what dog matches my personality? The last question will hopefully make your relationship with your dog stronger and long-lasting.

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating?
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Extroverted, playful, active and an explorer

Every person has quirks of his or her own that makes him or her different. Maybe you were a prep, a jock, or a nerd in high school, or maybe you fit into a category of your very own. Man's best friend, too, has certain stereotypes and labels. Some are true, some are not. So, which of the four selected breeds are you? Are you a loyal lab, an athletic poodle, a mis-understood pit bull, or perhaps your alter-ego is of a different type all together?

Which phrase best describes what you're looking for in a dog? People tend to pick dogs who look like them - but only when selecting a purebred, according to a study from UC San Diego. Apparently people choose mutts for other reasons. A cuddle friend who doesn't need tons of exercise. Sporty, high-energy dog. Family-friendly dog. A loyal companion.

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