What does rosina mean in italian

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what does rosina mean in italian

Rosina, the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe

Between 1870 and 1970, twenty-six million Italians left their homeland and travelled to places like Canada, Australia, and the United States, in search of work. Many of them never returned to Italy.

Rosina, the Midwife traces the authors family history, from their roots in Calabria in the south of Italy to their new home in Canada. Against this historic background, comes the story of Rosina, a Calabrian matriarch and the authors great-great-grandmother, the only member of the Russo family to remain in Italy after the mass migration of the 1950s. With no formal training, but plenty of experience, Rosina worked as a midwife in an area where there was only one doctor to serve three villages. She was given the tools needed to deliver and baptize babies by the doctor and the local priest, and, over the course of her long career, she helped bring hundreds of infants into the world.

Enhancing the stories and memories passed down through her family with meticulous research, Kluthe has, with great insight, created not only Rosinas story, but also the entire Russo familys. We see her great-grandfather Generoso labouring through the harsh Edmonton winter to save enough money to buy passage to Canada for his wife and children; we glimpse her grandmother Rose huddled in a third-class cabin, sick from the motion of the boat that will carry her to a new land; and we watch, teary-eyed, as her great-great-grandmother Rosina is forced to say goodbye, one by one, to the people she loves.

The authors quest to find the details of Rosinas life, despite the separation of place and time and the uncertainty of memory, has created a poetic elsewhere story and a charming memoir that is at once a Canadian story and a Calabrian one.
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Jessica Kluthe

Rosina (given name)

Pronounce Rosina. Rosina is mainly used in the English, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. Its language of origin is Germanic and Latin. This is the name of a character in the Rossini opera The Barber of Seville In addition, Rosina is a variant form of the English name Rosalind. Rosina is also a familiar form of the English and French name Rose in the German and Italian languages. Rosina has 19 variant forms.

Ruth Park was a writer. She breathed her last breath on December 14th, Rosina Lippi-Green is a romance novel and historical fiction novelist and linguistics. She was most active from to present. Rosina is also known as Lippi, Rosina birth name ; Donati, and Sara pseudonym. Rosina Lawrence Grave was an actor and film actor. She was most active from to

Rosina Origin and Meaning

How to pronounce Rosina (Italian/Italy) - harryandrewmiller.com

The name Rosina is an English Baby Names baby name. The name Rosina is a German Baby Names baby name. Also a Horse; fame. The name Rosina is an American Baby Names baby name. People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service.

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