Why is imagination important than knowledge

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why is imagination important than knowledge

Quote by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. F...”

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Published 01.10.2019

Imagination is more important than knowledge

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Are you able to see things that are invisible to others? A person who has imagination is actually able to see things that other people are not capable of seeing. I am confident, however, that many other people before him knew the value of having a dream, seeing the impossible and attempting things never before done! That is a fascinating thought in itself! Think about it for just a moment. And just think…it all begins with my own imagination — and many of those new ideas or concepts arise out of a desire to do something in a new or better way or even perhaps to correct a mistake which has occurred. One of my favorite things to do is to read stories about how things came into existence.

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Imagination vs Knowledge - What's the Difference? - Mindset Magnetics™

And like most of the things he offered his view on — hard to argue with. Without wanting to point out the obvious. By using our imagination, we can say that we are using our mind to create an image of something new. Knowledge is involved in the process, as we draw upon it — along with our experiences and environment — and then mix it with the unknown to make something totally new. Therefore, our imagination allows us to explore beyond the constraints of our reality. So, the next time someone says, use your imagination. Yet, you still may need to know how you can best use your imagination, or perhaps better put — how you can increase your imagination….

His little mind seems completely occupied with his own thoughts I wanted to accept his genius on this point. But for most of my life, it seemed that knowledge, whether around the mysteries of time and space or time recording and office space, mattered most. My favoured American writer H. Mencken even suggests that imagination is the bane of humanity, leading us down blind alley ways and in circles.

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