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i wish i were there

I Wish I Were a Shark by Dan Jackson

I REALLY loved reading this First Edition E-Book written by Dan Jackson to my son Blake. There were many different parts that appealed to me, starting with the amazing and fascinating real life shark photos, not silly or cheesy cartoons. This gave my child a chance to have an actual learning experience by reading the book and opened up the floor with me to have a discussion about animals in their natural habitats and what they do there. That was a really nice touch. The story, in my opinion, also is something that children can relate to, the constant wishing, hoping, and waiting to be bigger, faster, and more influential then they are at the current moment. I really enjoyed that the author Dan not only re-iterated these common thoughts of children but stated WHY the shark wanted these things, helping children relate to their own feelings and understand. The ONLY thing I would change in the story is how there is really no wrap up or transition to the end of the book. I would ease into the last sentence and not write The End but perhaps have the author realize a positive thing they CAN do right now and be happy with their self for who they ARE, maybe even add that they can find a way to soon be doing all the things they wish for without having to be a shark at all, if they try.
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I Wish I Was There ¦?¦ Reed Deming

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Dan Jackson

The Subjunctive Mood: Why It’s “I Wish I Were,” not “I Wish I Was”

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The Mood of Wishful Thinking

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. There were workshops a few days ago. I couldn't be there. I'm watching photographs from that time and I'm wondering what I should use. An alternative here could be 'I wish I was there'.

If you want to study something by reading books or other forms of formal documents written in English, it would be better you learn " I wish I were " is more appropriate. Writers of such a document mostly have used and still are using " I wish I were " in their writing. Most modern, descriptive grammar books accept both " were " and " was " as being grammatically acceptable, but they suggest that " I wish I were " is more appropriate in formal contexts. Both are grammatically correct because in modern English, the only thing needed to express a counterfactual situation is a past tense verb. The older prescriptive grammars were simply wrong. Their analysis was wrong and the proof they offered was wrong. It was just one more rule that was wrong from the outset.

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  1. One way this was explained in a grammar course at university is that “I wish I was there” is correct if being there is a possibility. “I wish I were there..” is correct if.

  2. A popular concept of Science Fiction books and television is the ability to move transport a person from one location to another in an instant of time.

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