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A.E. Chandlers Blog: Original History - Victorian Spear - August 25, 2019 06:35

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The Beginnings to An End - "Story of my Life Brian Price" ebook by. The Beginnings to An End. Brian Price. $ Add to cart. Turn This House Into A Happy.

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If you have heard the hype on the Kobo ereader you know there are supposedly 1 million free ebooks for it. Where are they? They are online so just follow this simple process to find those freebees:. As of August that link goes to www. Update your blog or whatever this here page is called.

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For our passionate readers who love books as much as we do, we update the Kobo Books app as often as possible to continually improve on its reliability and performance. Thanks for reading with Kobo Books! I have noticed that there is not a way to have the number of pages for the entire book displayed in this app. This is a feature that I really like in the Ebook program. It would be great to see it in the app too.

I also get to earn a little tiny bit of extra money when people buy my books through my Kobo affiliate links. See below for what I made in affiliate income from Canada over the past 30 days. Thank you, Kobo! I then promoted my discounted book via social media and BookBub CPM ads using my affiliate links while the promotion was happening. Kobo is owned by Rakuten, a large international corporation.

Very complex download system that screws up all the time! Stuck with a book I cannot transfer to my reader no matter what! Total Rubbish Customer Service is hopeless - i literallly had to re- write my issue 10 times as the sumystem crashed every time!!! Finally I was advised that the book I wanted to buy and the reason I bought a Kobo e reader was not available in New Zealand! This is false advertising on top of non- existent customer service. Great experience as an author.

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