I want my facebook back to normal

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i want my facebook back to normal

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Published 03.10.2019

how to get the old facebook back

I get this question a lot, pretty much every time Facebook changes anything, anywhere. Even if the changes are barely noticeable, there will always be someone out there complaining about it.

Transferring a Facebook account to a normal chess.com account

This is not the account I normally use. I've had to create this account to post on these forums because I can't login to my standard account because Facebook is blocked at work and it's a Facebook account. I don't want my standard account to be a Facebook account. I want it to be a normal spotify account with a username and login so that I can play music at work with the web player. How can I do this???

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2. Change Privacy Settings

Some users have reported problems using this lite version of Facebook. Most common being automatic login into lite version of Facebook instead of normal version. Following are few ways to disable automatic login into Facebook Lite:. You will get new screen to click on link that will redirect you to normal Facebook version. Chose language other than English and you will be automatically re-directed to normal version of Facebook with different language.

Facebook expands its smart home reach with a refresh that includes two new devices. Facebook introduced two new Portal devices in addition to a refresh of its inch Portal smart screen this week. They join the first-edition Portal Plus , which has not been updated. The devices are designed primarily with video calling in mind and are controlled using Facebook's own "Hey, Portal" voice service, as well as via built-in Alexa functionality. Conversations over privacy have eclipsed sales of Portal devices over the last year, making clear the social networking giant is battling its own reputation for market share. Not to mention, stiff competition from the likes of Apple , Google and Amazon have further thwarted Facebook's attempt to stake a serious claim in the fast-growing smart home space. Even if you're not considering buying hardware from a company still at the heart of continuing privacy concerns , here's what you need to know about Facebook's new line of Portal smart devices, including what it says about how Facebook plans to manage your data going forward.

We discuss how to get Facebook to display the correct language if things go awry. Facebook is an extremely complex site, and like with any other site of such great intricacy, glitches can and often do occur. As a result, Facebook has a nasty habit of changing our account settings all by itself. One such setting is the Account Language setting, which, unsurprisingly, controls what language Facebook appears in. But hold on… what if Facebook is not currently in your language? How do you know which option Settings is? Or Language?

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