Famous german u boat captains

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famous german u boat captains

The Diary of a U-boat Commander by R.N. Etienne

The M.S. of this amazing diary of a German U-Boat Commander has fallen into our hands under somewhat unusual and mysterious circumstances, the name of the writer being withheld for reasons which will be readily apparent to all who read his astounding experiences. It is, however, a story so thrilling and sensational that we have no hesitation in offering it as it stands to the public, kept so long in ignorance by the necessary evil of a rigid censorship. A particularly human and intriguing touch is given to the book by the Authors very frank account of his mad infatuation for a beautiful girl of his own country who was inextricably involved in his incredible exploits and adventures on the high seas.
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He was His death, evidently in Bremen, Germany, where he was born and raised, was confirmed in the Bremen news media on Thursday by Christian Weber, the president of the Bremen State Parliament.
R.N. Etienne

Otto Kretschmer

It is based upon the number of ships they sank and their impact on the war at sea. Sinking 26 ships, totaling , tons, Georg Lassen caps the list of top German U-boat aces at number He served in the Kriegsmarine from to and averaged 39, tons per patrol. On the night of March , Lassen, commanding U, sunk or damaged 6 ships. Two days later, he received word via radio that he had earned the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross.

Over WW2, Germany produced a number of outstanding U-Boat commanders, from amongst this elite list, I have used the tonnage of enemy shipping sunk, as my yardstick to select the top ten U-Boat Aces from this conflict. I will list them in rank order according to their success in sinking Allied ships, and paint a brief pen picture of each of them. A photograph of each of these German U-Boat Captains will round out each entry. It was also axiomatic that if you sank enough enemy tonnage you could expect to be awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross of Germany. U-Boat Captains, and U-Boat numbers. Of the 1, boats that entered service, some of their Captains died at sea, with a further 11 more dying from accidents. During the war, 5 died from natural causes, 2 were shot after being court martialled, and 2 were dismissed from this service.

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Hellmuth-Bert Richard U Follow us on Twitter uboatnet.

The list of most successful U-boat commanders contains the top-scoring German U-boat commanders in the two World Wars based on their total tonnage sunk. The tonnage figures and sometimes the number of ships sunk is still being debated among historians. This is often due to convoy battles at night when an attacking " wolfpack " fired torpedoes into the convoy and two sometimes more commanders claimed the same ship. Although post-war research has clarified most of those claims, some are still in question. This list contains the most successful German U-boats commanders during the First World War based on total tonnage.

Otto Niethmann U-6 , U , U Follow us on Twitter uboatnet. Joachim Schepke. This is a compilation of the excellent commanders that didn't quite make it to the "premier league" :. The Allies lost 2 battleships, 3 aircraft carriers, 3 escort carriers and 6 cruisers to the U-boats. See also largest ships sunk. This page will list some of the more spectacular achievements undertaken by U-boat officers in the war.

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  1. The list of most successful U-boat commanders contains the top-scoring German U-boat . His most famous exploit was infiltrating the British Home Fleet's base at Scapa Flow in October and sinking the battleship HMS Royal Oak - which.

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