Leadership rules to live by

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leadership rules to live by

The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership: Classical Wisdom for Modern Leaders by Michael A. Soupios

In high school and college, I never really jumped into this ancients with old-school wisdom. And of course, I didnt do it in my professional life as a daily journalist for nearly 30 years. But when I made the jump to higher-ed communication and found myself writing much for speeches, essays, video scripts and books, I realized I wanted to jump in and see how I could use this old-school wisdom gleaned way before knowledge was simply a click away.

I discovered this book through the Farnam Street online newsletter, and what I found was written in an easy-to-understand way. The chapters are short, the writing succinct and the thinkers you find are folks like Antisthenes. He once said: There are only two people who will tell you the truth about yourself – an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly.”

After finishing Ten Golden Rules, I realized no matter how much technology changes who we are,
our core values -- or what we hope our core values are -- should never change.
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On Leadership Stoker's Rules for Leaders II

Achieve the rank of a genuine leader when you live and lead by the rules on this no-fail list. I call them the Tabaka No-Fail Rules for Leadership Excellence. Live by them and the successful, influential leader in you will take you far in life and business.
Michael A. Soupios

The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership: Classical Wisdom for Modern Leaders

With years of experience under his belt from StumbleUpon and Google, he was charged with not only shipping clever products that would make ads palatable for listeners, but with rallying a quickly growing team around this effort. For Krawczyk, heading a product management team began by leading by example. Krawczyk has seen a lot of ideas that have grown to become products, and others that never saw the light of day. With these experiences behind him, Krawczyk has steadily risen through the ranks at the company. For Krawczyk and his product development team, this concept resonates in their work. The core of their jobs relies heavily on building real relationships both broadly and deeply within the company while not overextending.

What distinguishes the real leader, the man or woman who makes a tangible difference in the work place, from a mere administrator?
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Here the problem may lie with a lack of deeper, broader insights, the kind of insights that technical skill alone does not confer— the ability to see the big picture, to connect with members of the organization, to foster a meaningful and productive work environment, and to steer the corporate ship through the challenges of highly competitive markets and new technologies. It is the assumption of the authors that leadership is an uncommon composite of skill, experience, and ripened personal perspectives. Real leaders, people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, see things more rapidly than does the typical executive. Yet it may be that many of the inefficiencies and failures that plague our managerial environments are ultimately related to an inadequate consideration of what philosophy has to offer. Know thyself. Understand your inner world, your bright and dark sides, your personal strengths and weakness.

Most of us grew up with parents and teachers who taught us the Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. That is an awesome rule of thumb for most aspects of life, until you try to apply it to leadership. When your goal is to be a leader who builds strong relationships with a wide spectrum of people who are highly motivated to follow you in the direction you are going, the Golden Rule is detrimental to your efforts. This executive feels that his boss is not supporting his role as a manager and that some team members are not caring enough, or motivated enough, to be team players. He leads a very diverse team, and how he wants to be treated is simply not how his boss or team members care to be treated. A much better rule for leaders to live by is to treat others how they, not you, want to be treated.

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  1. The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership explores the classical figures to determine philosophy of life are ready and able to exhibit the kind of workplace mastery.

  2. The old adage states that rules are meant to be broken. And, in fact, many of today's most revered leaders echo this time-tested mantra: Sir Richard Branson.

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