Boy names ending with ish

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boy names ending with ish

Love, Ish by Karen Rivers

Things Mischa “Ish” Love will miss when she goes to Mars: lying on the living room floor watching TV, ice cream, her parrot Buzz Aldrin. Things Ish Love will not miss when she goes to Mars: mosquitoes, heat waves, missing her former best friend Tig.
Ish is convinced that she’ll be one of the first settlers on Mars. She’s applied to—and been rejected from—the Mars Now project forty-seven times, but the mission won’t leave for ten years and Ish hasn’t given up hope. She also hasn’t given up hope that Tig will be her best friend again (not that she’d ever admit that to anyone, least of all herself). When Ish collapses on the first day of seventh grade, she gets a diagnosis that threatens all her future plans. As Ish fights cancer, she dreams in vivid detail about the Martian adventures she’s always known she’d have—and makes unexpected discoveries about love, fate, and her place in the vast universe.
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20 boy names ending in SON - the best baby names -

This is one of the biggest Indian Baby Boy names list you will find on the Internet. We have compiled over names with their meanings to bring you this mammoth of a name database.
Karen Rivers

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Showing top results in total names ending with "ish". Meaning: A brave soldier, Sky , Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Aggressive, hardliner, Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Dervish, Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Excellent , of high quality, Pure , Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Brave , Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Skillfull, Origin: Arabic.

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Baby names list. Search through 1, names to research that contain "ish". Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. Word lists are in the order of the most common words and most searched. When people search for names, they're usually wanting baby names. But, every baby grows up.

Click here to see the same list for girls One of the most important aspects of naming your baby? Making sure the name goes well with your surname. Did you know that there are "rules" that can be applied to find a name that sounds good with your last name? What You Get When You Take Poetry and Combine With Computer Science Unlike other baby name charts that overwhelm you with endless alphabetical lists and the most popular names last year, we've scanned through tens of thousands of names and based on a set of rules identified the names that will go really well with Ish. The lists here are sorted by popularity , but you'll quickly notice that it isn't a traditional top chart of popular names. Repeating sounds Repeating sounds in a first and last name are more pleasing. We're only showing names with one or more of the following letters: I, S, H.


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  1. -ish names for baby boys, with 54 entries. -ish names are rarely used baby names for boys. At the modest height of their usage in , % of baby boys.

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