Shamatha retreat with alan wallace

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shamatha retreat with alan wallace

How to Practice Shamatha Meditation: The Cultivation of Meditative Quiescene by Gen Lamrimpa

In 1988, Gen Lamrimpa, a Tibetan monk and contemplative, led a one-year retreat in the Pacific Northwest, during which a group of Western meditators devoted themselves to the practice of meditative quiescence (shamatha). This book is a record of the oral teachings he gave to this group at the outset of the retreat. The teachings are brought to life by Gen Lamrimpas warmth, humor, and extensive personal experience as a contemplative recluse. An invaluable, practical guide for those seeking to develop greater attentional stability and clarity, this work will be of considerable interest to meditators, psychologists, and all others who are concerned with the potentials of the human mind.
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Shamatha Retreat with B. Alan Wallace Organized by Vajrayana Institute (www. Dates & Times: 27 March - 2 April
Gen Lamrimpa

Shamatha Retreat with Alan Wallace 2012

Don't have an account yet? Register here. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Dynamic lecturer, progressive scholar, and one of the most prolific writers and translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, B. Alan Wallace, Ph.

Alan Wallace. The daily schedule for the retreat consists of two hours each day, Monday-Saturday, of group sessions. These group sessions include guided meditations, teaching, and discussion. In addition, each participant in the retreat will have regular minute private meetings with Alan to discuss their practice. These three texts cover the preliminary practices, shamatha, vipashyana, and the practice of cutting through to the original purity of pristine awareness. It is said that for very gifted practitioners, these meditations are sufficient for achieving the Rainbow Body.

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