Mary mary husband cheats with friend

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mary mary husband cheats with friend

Food For Thought Quotes (2473 quotes)

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Published 07.10.2019

Tina Campbell of Mary Mary opens up about her husband's infidelity

The Christian Post

Tina Campbell made a shocking reveal about her husband's infidelity while on the Steve Harvey talk show Wednesday. Teddy Campbell had an affair with one of the gospel singer's employees, who became a close family friend. So I had my answer. It broke my heart, it devastated me, so I spazzed out," Tina said on the show. And I was doing all that like,

Entertainment Music. Art Entertainment. Many would say she has the right to be. In the subsequent months—and while the cameras of her hit reality television series, Mary Mary —rolled on, she discovered that her soulmate cheated regularly, and with many women. After bouts with depression, suicidal thoughts and destructive behavior, Mrs. Her biggest aha? Find out why.

Gospel singer of the group, Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, is making headlines yet again. The ladies provide a phone number and anyone is allowed to call in as they go live on Instagram to discuss the latest news in social media. While the ladies were conducting their show, an identified male called in with claims that he had a relationship with a man named Theodore. After receiving so many comments from people, Teddy and Tina responded to one commenter. Sooo I suppose those looking have the ammunition to create the stories they want to believe. Life is too good and God is too good to focus on the dumb stuff. Tina, along with her husband, made the shocking revelation on The Steve Harvey talk show.

Unfaithfulness is just one hurdle that relationships can face.
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The Christian couple said they had a rocky beginning in their relationship, adding that if not for God, things would probably have ended badly for them. We went into a relationship having sex," Teddy admitted. That's not being single and whole in your relationship with the Lord. Every time they encountered problems, they would try to fix it with intimacy. However, sex did not provide them a lasting solution to their issues. But when you had it, you're comfortable, you know what it is and it's not solving all the problems like it used to," Tina said. When our relationship went to hell in a handbag, we had to go back to being single.



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