Words that start with cel

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words that start with cel

You Can Be Right or You Can Be Married: Love-Based Solutions for Couples by Brett R. Williams

When you analyze any disagreement what you find is that the topic is always the same. The issues that get a couple going are endless: from not picking up socks, to the frequency of sex. However, as the disagreement progresses, the topic invariably shifts to whos right and whos wrong. What is interesting about these Right Fights is that they are not about needing to be right, but come from the feeling of being wronged. Once wronged, we withdraw emotionally until the other person makes it right. This disconnect comes out as defensiveness, and shifts the conversation from whats wrong (our pain) to whos wrong (the person who hurt us). The solution is to address the feeling of hurt while being connected.
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24 letter words containing cel

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