One person with courage is a majority

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one person with courage is a majority

Quote by Andrew Jackson: “One man with courage makes a majority.”

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Published 08.10.2019

One Man With Courage is Majority #AsaduddinOwaisiVsAll

"One man with courage is a majority." - Thomas Jefferson quotes from

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson 15 March — 8 June was the seventh President of the United States of America , regarded as a hero for his actions in the Battle of New Orleans , a founder of the Democratic Party , and the eponym of the era of Jacksonian democracy. He was the first American president to have been a Democrat. The money so coined, with its value so regulated, and such foreign coins as Congress may adopt are the only currency known to the Constitution. But if they have other power to regulate the currency, it was conferred to be exercised by themselves, and not to be transferred to a corporation. If the bank be established for that purpose, with a charter unalterable without its consent, Congress have parted with their power for a term of years, during which the Constitution is a dead letter. It is neither necessary nor proper to transfer its legislative power to such a bank, and therefore unconstitutional.

It is human nature to fear the future, the unknown. Anxieties and apprehensions plague our lives. Spending half our waking hours in constant fear we feel browbeaten by the world around us. Even so, there is an effective antidote available to meet fear hands down and to overcome its crippling effects. No development in the annals of history would have been possible without this human trait. It is the lovely virtue — the rib of Himself that God sent down to His children…Courage is the thing; all goes if courage goes. The life of Beethoven is a testimony on how courage can help in tiding over the stormy weather of life.

It adorns T-shirts, mugs and posters. Politicians repeat it endlessly, including, recently, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. But did Jackson really say it? Still more curiously, this memorable phrase appears in no biography of Jackson or history of his era. Yet they never quoted it. In fact, the idea that Jackson coined the phrase did not surface until he had been dead for many years.

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