Psychiatric nursing questions and answers with rationale

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psychiatric nursing questions and answers with rationale

Answers with Rationale to the 16 Review Questions in ANCCs Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Review Course Workbook by Alison Lighthall Miller MSN RN-BC

As of early 2019, there are only a handful of resources available to psychiatric-mental health (PMH) nurses to use as comprehensive study guides when preparing for the ANCC Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Certification Exam. And there are only two that are sanctioned by the ANCC itself: Kim Hutchinson’s Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Review and Resource Manual (5th Edition), and the ANCC’s own Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Review Course Workbook, 2014. Both are very useful.

However, in ANCC’s Workbook, there are 16 thought-provoking Review Questions, for which there are no answers provided.

Over the years, I’ve had several students ask me to help them sort out one or more of the questions and then help them reach the correct answer. It’s always been a useful exercise for them, because these questions, unlike the knowledge-based questions that most of us have grown used to in our in educational careers (e.g., “What are the side effects of lithium toxicity?”) force the reader to consider multiple variables and pieces of information all at once. There’s a lot to learn from each of these questions.

This book contains those answers. It is my hope that this “answer key,” which provides an in depth discussion for each of the 16 questions, will help enrich your studying and help you achieve your goal of becoming a Board Certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse.
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NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz for Psychiatric Nursing

This is a item examination about Psychiatric Nursing. Questions in this exam cover management and care for patients with Schizophrenia. If you are preparing for the boards or NCLEX then this exam can sharpen your knowledge and understanding of the topic.
Alison Lighthall Miller MSN RN-BC

Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz #5 (50 Questions)

View Questions. Total abstinence is the only effective treatment for alcoholism. Hallucinations are visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile or olfactory perceptions that have no basis in reality. The Nurse has a responsibility to observe continuously the acutely suicidal client. The Nurse should watch for clues, such as communicating suicidal thoughts, and messages; hoarding medications and talking about death. Appropriate nursing interventions for an anxiety attack include using short sentences, staying with the client, decreasing stimuli, remaining calm and medicating as needed.

This is a multiple choice type of examination. Choose the BEST answer. Read the questions carefully before answering it. Ben is assigned in a psychiatric ward; he notices that one of the patients would follow every move he would make. When he moves his hand, the patient would also move his hand. This is:. Andy would like to visit her cousin in the psychiatric ward.

Mark the letter of the letter of choice then click on the next button. Answer will be revealed after each question. No time limit to finish the exam. Good luck! Forgot your password?

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Quiz #9 (50 Questions)



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